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Is the Price of the Civet Coffee Worthy?

The civet coffee or kopi luwak is very famous for being the kind of coffee that must pass down through the civet-like animal called luwak. The coffee reputation is like a legend. Some people think that kopi luwak is an urban legend. But there is a reason behind it. Civet coffee or kopi luwak is a kind of coffee that its production is still 100% depending on nature and so this kind of coffee is very rare and because of its rarity, kopi luwak or civet coffee price is very expensive. But no matter how expensive it is, the coffee lovers are still enjoying the taste of the best coffee in the world.

Civet Coffee Price

Who have ever though, that a civet-like animal called luwak or Paradoxurus hermaprodithus plays an important role in the best coffee beans in the world. The famous kopi luwak produced in Indonesia and Philipines. In Indonesia, most coffee beans are produced in Sumatra, an island where the best coffee beans in the world found. With the help of luwak, the farmers of coffee are able to get the most valuable coffee beans, civet coffee price that is very expensive. These luwaks live on the coffee farms and eat the cherries of coffees. The coffee cherries are not fully digested and get through a fermentation process. The coffee cherries are still in the form of beans when collected from luwaks.

Some people might say that this is such a gross story but this is the truth. The coffee lovers surely love kopi luwak and its flavor that is heavier that other coffees and has the hints of chocolate and caramel. In just imagining the taste of kopi luwak makes some people might be curious and wish to be able to try one cup of it. One cup of kopi luwak is being sold in around $28.00 or even more. Civet coffee price in getting higher. A bag of kopi luwak costs more than $500.00 and there is a high chance of it to get even higher.

For some people who drink coffee as just a complement to a breakfast or snack time, they probably don’t want to be bothered by the civet coffee price that can make them shake their heads out of wondering why do people spend so much money for a cup of coffee. These people might don’t understand why the coffee lovers bother themselves with buying the very expensive coffee in the world. Coffee is coffee. It will taste the same. But however for the coffee lovers, they are able to distinguish the best coffees by drinking a sip of it and also the smell of it.

The coffee lovers seek for the sensation of drinking coffee, not only the taste of the coffee but also the smell of the coffee. As the coffee lovers are able to distinguish the coffee they drink, they will always try to get the best coffee that they can. Civet coffee price might be very expensive but they know that it is worthy because the heavier and smooth taste of coffee with the hint of caramel and chocolate is truly worth to be bought in high price.

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