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Warung Kopi Luwak

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Coffee is one of the popular drink produced by brewing coffee beans that had been baked and mashed. Generated by the coffee taste is bitter acids which can be mixed with sugar, milk or other flavorings materials to produce corresponding variations in the taste of the tongue audience. One of processed coffee in the form of a very famous drink is coffee civet. Drink coffee with labels civet coffee is actually a regular coffee, but has undergone a natural process by first eaten by the civet. All coffee beans produced by the plant coffee, the coffee plant itself is a member of a genus called Coffea. There are many species of coffee are in the genus. This plant is native to Asia and Africa, but in its development, has made the popularity of coffee drinks coffee plants spread all over the world in which plants can grow, especially in the tropics.

Civet Coffee

There are two main species of coffee types developed in modern plantations. Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) and Robusta (Coffea robusta). Arabica coffee was first recognized in Ethiopia and living area with an altitude of 600 to 2000 meters above sea level. These plants such as shrubs being and grow to a height of 3 meters when positioned on the climate and soil type accordingly. Arabica coffee beans are small and dark red color after cooking. This type of coffee is kind of coffee the most widely grown in Indonesia. Whereas Robusta, as the name suggests "robust", is larger than Arabica coffee. Coffee was first recognized in the Congo. Robusta coffee flavors are also slightly more bitter and acidic than his brother from Ethiopia. Currently there are many coffee plantations spread throughout the tropics of the world, from Africa, Latin America and Asia to South America. Coffee was brought to America by John Smith, a European explorer in 1607. While the coffee is cultivated in Indonesia in 1690 when the Dutch colonizers making coffee plantations in Java. The results of the most famous coffee from Indonesia is the civet coffee. Coffee beans are eaten by civet be fermented by bacteria in the digestive tract mongoose and enrich the flavor of coffee produced. Kopi Luwak expensive and become the prey of coffee enthusiasts all over the world.

Commercial production of civet coffee is produced by providing the civet coffee beans. Civet is a kind of weasel, the type of mongoose that is widely used to process the coffee is Paradoxurus hermaphroditus species or often referred to as the Asian Palm Civet. It is a kind of omnivorous mammals that are found in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Coffee beans are eaten by civet be digested and undergo short fermentation process in the stomach mongoose. Protease enzyme in the stomach civet coffee beans will process and produce peptides and amino acids. The average score was in the digestive civet coffee for 48 hours. In the wild, it will only take civet coffee that has been cooked by selecting Based on the aroma and taste of coffee cherries that traditional civet coffee is collected by means of picking wild civet droppings will feel much more enjoyable than civet coffee is deliberately made ​​to maintain mongoose-fed coffee, although coffee is given to the mongoose have been just the cook and in the best condition.

Luwak coffee processing starting from collecting the civet droppings containing coffee beans. Coffee beans wrapped hard epidermis undigested and only flesh that is absorbed by the digestive mongoose. The coffee beans will come out along with the civet droppings. Then the beans are cleaned of dirt and dried civet. After drying, the coffee is processed again by frying or baking. Sumatra became the largest producer of coffee civet, mostly from the province of Lampung, Bengkulu and Aceh. Rework have eaten civet coffee is also known in the Philippines, especially in the area of ​​Batangas. The largest consumption of coffee in Asia is held by the people of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Consumption in Europe and America are also quite high and civet coffee became one of the commercial coffee sought by coffee enthusiasts from all over the world.

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The Best Sensation in the Most Expensive Coffee

Coffee is very interesting matter Because even the taste is bitter but still there are many people enjoy this black liquid drink very much. There are many types of coffee but the best quality is coming from Asian suppliers Because there the climate and the land is very suitable to this tree grow up. Before to be ready-to-processed seed, coffee is already having a long process starting from waiting until it is completely ripe to have great quality of coffee, shelling and dried to reduce the content of the water. After that, when it is processed in the traditional way, the seed will be roasted with fireplace. To make it powder, the coffee IS ALSO grinded with traditional machine by human-energy. The taste will be different when people use modern machine or it is processed by the company using high-technology machines. This is the unique of the coffee, even it is coming from the same quality of seeds but when it is proceeds by other kind of method or made by different people, the taste will be different.

Civet Coffee | Kopi Luwak Coffee

For Those who already addicted with coffee, great taste is the highest satisfaction that they can have. People must start knowing civet coffee. This is very special kind of coffee Because it is very hard and rare since mass production is almost impossible to do. As its name, this coffee is coming from civet or in its original name known as civet coffee . This is the most expensive coffee in Earth Because per pound people should pay for about $ 1.300 per kilograms or even more. Civet is a kind of paint roomates its habitat is in Indonesia and other South Asian countries. This animal eat the coffee raw while the bean of the berry is not digested, that is why it is still intact when it is excreted. Civet coffee is coming from Mongoose's excreted event it seems horrible but after people taste it, they will know how precious this kind of coffee. Great taste and beneficial coffee is not merely dealing with civet digests process but It is also coming from high quality bean before it is eaten by the animal. People should be careful when like to purchase this product Because there are some products roomates have low quality and usually the which is Offered price is lower. This is the caused by coffee is blended with common coffee beans or it is coming from the raised-civet. Other thing makes civet coffee roomates fake is the using of essence of coffee than its original Luwak coffee beans from Civet's excrete.

People Might already know well the information about this civet coffee but still never be Able to taste this drink. There are some opportunities that people can try Because there are some places near the which the make this coffee as their menu list. Of course people should prepare the money to try this black liquid. Small café in Queensland, Australia offers this where the customer should pay $ 35 per cup. Another place that people can go into for this civet coffee is Sloane Square in London. They need to go to Peter Jones department store or Blue Mountain and pay $ 79 for a cup of coffee the which is already written in the Guinness Book of Records. If you can not reach Reviews those places, online store Provides Also this product but as it is Mentioned before, people should more careful in choosing the provider Because there will always a possibility in receiving fake product. Becoming selective and careful can help people to taste the great sensation of civet coffee roomates has none of the second. People will be completely worth to spend a lot of money just for a cup of coffee Because its great taste.